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Hello, World! The usual opening statement from the very first blog post. ‘Excited to be here!’ I’d say to you all in the crowd…

Welcome to the first of many resource-based posts. I’m excited to share the many resources I use, recommend, inspiration, and more, to my fellow designers plus the high schools and colleges that I normally pass this info to in emails or sporadically in meetings. And, now, it’s all archived into beauteous blog posts! Huzzah!

If you’ve made it here from a share link or what-not, I’d like to briefly introduce myself. I’m Nina Zivkovic – Art Director, Designer, Illustrator –based in Pittsburgh, PA. I’ve freelanced since 2009, and have worked as a full-time graphic designer at ocreations since 2012. There’s a plethora of variety in our client-base from small businesses, start-ups, and larger national and international companies. I’ve worked with a ton of cool and fun clients across industries – some of my favorites being in entertainment and sports. If you’re interested in reading a bit more about me, head over to my freshly minted* about page. *Might not be officially live yet, but it’s on the way!

Onward to the good stuff.

Fonts. So many. Typography. Love it. It’s fantastical. Like I ‘hear’ typography. You see something in Uber-fancy calligraphy script – it sounds kinda like Maggie Smith. More hand-written imperfect script – it’s a youthful millennial. All-caps, vertical skew – sounds like that Movie-Trailer voice guy. And, we’re just talking about fonts – hand-written typography is another wildly gorgeous specialty.

While sketching out, wireframing, and then actually building my website – I used a ton of fonts. They started off as creative placeholders, but I was digging the vibe and kept a lot of ‘em. Below is a list of all of the fonts used, where to get ‘em, and so forth so on so yeah 😁

For the newbies: Before you download or purchase a font, always confirm what licensing is and is NOT included. Some fonts are only for personal and school projects and some are for commercial. There are also restrictions that vary from site to site, font to font.


1. Poppins – Google Fonts

Originally I wanted to use Manrope as my main body/headline copy, but there was some funky stuff going on with its A’s and E’s, so I crossed my T’s and dotted my I’s with Poppins instead.

2. Wax Museum – Kern Club

Currently, Free [with a ton more free and paid options on KC’s site] Highly recommend grabbing their free and paid fonts. So many amazing ones I’ve added to my personal collection.

3. Eckmannpsych* – Adobe Typekit

*Free-ish, you need CC. Super funky fun.

4. Decoy* – Adobe Typekit

*Free-ish, you need CC. An upgrade on Cooper Black – which, hey, CB has a time and a place for sure.

5. Uppercut – Kern Club

Currently Free [with a ton more free and paid options on KC’s site]. Again, totally recommend grabbing all their fonts.


6. Brice – MyFonts

Love this funky type – various font widths make it so versatile. One of my new favorites. If you’re a fan of What About Bob?, then definitely check out my Instagram post.

7. S&S Nickson – Creative Market

Another great collection of variants – and multiples were definitely used.

8. Linotype’s Dala Pro Text – MyFonts

Feeling proper old-timey fancy with this one.

9. Windsore – Creative Market

A little trio of fonts – I especially love the script. Beautiful.

10. Mordova – Creative Market

Giving that metal blackletter vibe.

11. Hackney Vector – Creative Market

I used the vector of this font, but it also comes in SVG for a realistic look.

12. Mightype Sans – Design Cuts

Tons of options in this family – though I was all about the Sans.

How did I find all these lovely fonts?

I check Creative Market, and MyFonts frequently for fonts as well as blog posts, deal sites like Design Cuts and DealJumbo, and just being regular ol’ curious when I see it out in the wild and use MyFonts What the Fonts tool.

For ones in use on websites, I use the Inspect right-click on Chrome or Hoverify.

For the frugal and young designers, Creative Market also shares Free Goods every Monday. There are a lot of great sites out there for free and/or lower-priced fonts. Another free site is Font Squirrel. Font Squirrel has a lot of commercial fonts, too, which most free fonts are not – like sites like DaFont [I used it in college, of course, but I’d be wary of that site with its licensing.] Keep yourself aware of licensing and realize every place is different. This is basically the number 1 thing that comes up working with interns.

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